The eyes indicate the antiquity of the soul”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


    How often do we walk past someone on the street, and when they look into our eyes, we glance away.. not allowing a stranger to know us, to perhaps see into our soul, and to then bear our hearts in an open manner, without fear, for others to see. These portraits are representative of strangers in my life, who showed me their spirit, their souls and told me their stories. 

    All of them were strangers, most of them have been through hard times, some still are not sure where they will get their next meal. But all of them have a kindness in their eyes, that tells of a spirit within that has not been broken.  We all have stories to tell. My hope is that you will look at these portraits and wonder what their stories might be. And perhaps the next time you are rushing by another sentient being on the street, or in the park, you will allow the privilege of looking directly into their eyes, to perhaps hear their story, to see the light within them. This one act of grace and kindness, opens the circle of life so that we all become interconnected in some manner. Imagine how powerful we as human beings can become.. Grateful..



All of my work is photographed on a digital camera with limited manipulation in lightroom and photoshop. All works are printed on archival paper.